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One of the ways I know when I'm in good harmony within is that there's some kind of music going on in my head. It can be almost any kind -- classical, top 40 (from the 60s and 70s), country, bluegrass, etc. Often, it's something I heard on the radio or tv recently, so it's understandable when it's that kind of music. But sometimes it seems that a song or melody comes out of nowhere, from the distant past, for example, or even something I cannot identify.

The other day, for example, I kept having Dr. Hook's 1973 hit song popping up.
I been in the right place, but it must've been the wrong time.

There are more lyrics, but these were the repeating lines, with the background guitar jingle. Persistent! Off and on for days! I hadn't heard it on the radio, and I didn't even like the song much when it came out..

Finally, I wondered if there could be a message, here, and, well, you don't have to be a Jungian analyst to get it.

Right place = here. Wrong time = not-now.

The body is always in the right place, but the mind can be somewhere else. That's not necessarily catastrophic, but if the "wrong time" means that we are preoccupied about something we can't change, or else are just mentally undisciplined, that is a problem. We're missing out on life, and opening ourselves to delusional thoughts when we're in the "wrong time."

So I think the Spirit was using that old Dr. Hook song to get my attention and call me back to a more disciplined managing of my attention. When I "got it," Dr. Hook went away (mercifully!), though the song has popped up again on a few occasions, calling me to re-focus.

Sometimes the music is lovely and consoling. The other day it was "You belong to my heart," by Bing Crosby. Whose heart? Who was singing to whom? For songs like that one, it doesn't much matter. Either way is fine. Smiler

Do you ever have music in your head? Does it provide guidance for you?

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