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Four Magic Words to Fuel Your Pursuit of Happiness

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05 October 2018, 05:15 AM
Four Magic Words to Fuel Your Pursuit of Happiness
My dear friends,
I have just wrote a book entitled "The Prayer of Life" in which I compiled some most important knowledge and wisdom that previously I was giving in the form of lectures and seminars during our Dolmen tours and Vedic Russia retreats since 2013.

What prevent us to be happy in life?
How do our emotions/feelings effect our life?
Are we really mirrors of each other?
Can we change our life for better?
Covering wide spectrum of vital issues this eBook will help you understand the true causes of our life problems and HOW we can fix our life by changing our attitudes towards people and situations.

The cost of this eBook is only 3.5 Euro which is far less than the real value of the knowledge it contains.

I don't want to give it for free because people usually don't appreciate what they get for free.

At the same time by paying this little, insignificant for most of you price, you will get vitally important knowledge that may namely change your entire life as well as the entire life of my family by giving us a chance to raise enough money for our dream - creation of our Space of Love, our Kin's domain!

So please place an order yourself and if you find it useful and enjoyable don't hesitate to share the link with your firends and everybody around you!

08 October 2018, 07:35 PM
Congratulations, and all the best in selling your book.

And now, will you tell us the "four magic words," or do we need to buy the book? Wink