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Dawn of the Abyss: The Spiritual Birth of Swamiji

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29 January 2018, 02:47 PM
Dawn of the Abyss: The Spiritual Birth of Swamiji
It has been my recent privilege to view this movie about Fr. Henri Le Saux (aka Swami Abhishiktananda, Swamiji), a French Benedictine who also deeply explored the mystical spirituality of India. The movie (2016, Solars Production, 56 min.) was written and directed by Fabrice Blée, who is on the faculty at St. Paul University in Ottawa. The URL for the movie is:

For those seeking general familiarity with Le Saux, see:

The movie focuses primarily on Fr. Le Saux's years in India, where he formed an ashram, Shantivanaam, to better understand Indian culture that he might more effectively witness the Gospel to them. As so often happens with authentic dialogue, however, he also became strongly drawn to Hindu mystical experience. His is a journey that at once affirms what is unique in both Christianity and Hinduism and allows them to intermingle in his soul and transform him. An encounter with Sri Ramana Maharsha had an especially powerful influence on him, helping to open him to the mystical experience of advaita, sometimes called non-dual consciousness.

Fabrice Blée's telling of this spiritual pioneer's story feels more like a meditation than a documentary. Silent spaces, beautiful scenery, peaceful music and various short interviews communicate something of Abhishiktananda's deep longing for God and the environment that called and supported him on his journey. It is a movie that anyone interested in mystical spirituality and inter-religious dialogue will appreciate. Highly recommended!
30 January 2018, 05:02 PM
That would interest me, but I don't see it on Netflix Canada or iTunes Canada, and the price to purchase the DVD is too rich for me.
30 January 2018, 06:39 PM
Derek, if you have a group of friends interested in this kind of topic, maybe you all could go in together?

He and I made a trade -- a couple of my books for his DVD. As DVDs go, it's very reasonably priced.