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Suggested reading, please.

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25 November 2003, 03:27 PM
Suggested reading, please.
I wonder if anyone could recommend some books on the subject of early Christian contemplation. I'm talking about way back - desert fathers etc. Perhaps the book could be historical but I'm looking for something that has researched the subject and gives an idea of how they practised prayer in the early church. Perhaps there are some writings by early Christians themselves which reveal what was going on at the time,


25 November 2003, 10:44 PM
Stephen, go to the bookstore on this web site and you'll see a few good ones listed in the top left column. "The Roots of Christian Mysticism" sounds like what you're looking for. Johnston's book is also very good, but Roots is a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in this topic.

Enjoy . . .