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The Narrow Path

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22 May 2013, 11:09 AM
The Narrow Path
When she was twenty-seven, Solomae Sananda started going to a Pentecostal church. During this period, Sananda prayed intensely to receive the Holy Spirit. This led to a speaking-in-tongues experience. She then stopped going to church. Twelve years later, she had an umprompted kundalini awakening. (She says that her experiences with kundalini are described in her earlier books, but I haven't read these.) The effects of kundalini lasted until 2002, with the present book being written in 2004.

Sananda's basic premise is that relativism is wrong. All religions are not merely different paths to the same place. Eastern religions, which developed before Christ, can only take a person as far as enlightenment. With Christ, a new and higher possibility opens for humanity. The most important step the individual can take toward this possibility is the acceptance of Christ. The purification that takes place after accepting Christ is the result of grace rather than individual effort.

She sees kundalini as "the ascent of matter into spirit," while the Holy Spirit is "the descent of spirit into matter" (p. 31, italics in the original). Kundalini awakenings due to the intervention of eastern gurus can have disastrous consequences due to the hidden influences these eastern gurus bring with them. For kundalini to be safe, one must simultaneously receive the Holy Spirit from above. On this subject she recommends (p. 98) Phil's book Kundalini and Christian Spirituality.

On nonduality or no-self, she says that it is true as far as it goes, but the problem is that it doesn't go far enough. It remains "dry and mental" (p. 96). What's missing is Christ.

Sananda draws mainly on her own perspective in this book, but she does quote several times from Rudolf Steiner and also from a text titled The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, generally considered to be a Victorian forgery. Where things get really strange is in the events that came to light after the book was published. In 2005 a follower of Sananda's named Linda Mauer was found dead on muddy waste ground in Tulsa. A court battle over Mauer's will exposed a bizarre folie à deux between Sananda and Mauer. The next year, Sananda's Living Spirit Foundation website disappeared from the Internet, and nothing has been heard from her or her foundation since. For more, search old threads on this message board.

Solomae Sananda. The Narrow Path: Revelations in Advanced Spirituality. Inola, Okla.: Living Spirit Press, 2004. Paperback. 187 pages.
22 May 2013, 01:26 PM
Derek et al, see

I corresponded with Salomae (when she was still Cheryl) years ago. She was excited to find another "kundalini Christian" and it went well at first. As you note, she eventually got into gnostic stuff and even considered herself to be quite the advanced being, going so far as to set up her own little church with ordination procedures for initiates. Iow, it turned cultish. Then, the unusual events you cite came to the fore.

See also http://iaincarstairs.wordpress...-pharma-and-phoneys/ and scroll down to "A Wolf in Cheap Clothing."
23 May 2013, 04:56 PM
Originally posted by Phil:
See also http://iaincarstairs.wordpress...-pharma-and-phoneys/ and scroll down to "A Wolf in Cheap Clothing."

That blog has some fascinating articles on it, not only for the author's mustering of vast numbers of facts, and not only for his very readable prose, but also for his articles pointing out the problems of atheist materialism.

Here's just one of them, though there are many more if you dig around. He observes that, while atheists are congratulating themselves on the great step forward they believe they have taken, the world has actually become a much worse place in the space of only a couple of generations:

24 May 2013, 01:22 PM
Wow, yes! What an article! Even though he somewhat disparages the intellect, the article is a good example of how it can be put to good use if allowed to venture beyond scientific materialism.