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Loss of soul

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27 December 2008, 08:42 PM
Loss of soul
Hello! I am new to this site (and even this technology), so please bare with me as I try to get my question across.

Phil, I am taking your Way of Christian Spirituality course and am troubled by a statement you make in Lesson 10 on the Characteristics of the False Self. Under *Consequences* (of the false self) items f and g you say; (f) Diminishing contact with one's True Self, or inner spiritual resources in the service of authenticity. (g) Loss of soul. This is a distinct possibility.

This 'loss of soul' being 'a distinct possibility', I ask, how can this be !! In your Short Summary of Mystical Theology item B you say "God is always present to the soul...." How can God lose part of Him/Herself?
27 December 2008, 09:46 PM
Hi Jonah. Welcome to the forum. You're doing great with the technology.

By "loss of soul" I mean more that one lives so inauthentically as to fail to be/become a human being. It wasn't meant in a metaphysical sense, but more like saying that hell is a possibility. We wouldn't say that the soul is "part of God," however; God's presence to the soul is as Giver of its existence.

Glad to see you're reading these resources so attentively. Smiler
19 January 2009, 09:23 AM
It has been awhile since i have posted due to not having a laptop. I have been doing better since i have been accepting who iam and not taking credit for what others have done. I have the tendency to carry other peoples failings and blame myself for them. I guess this is also a boundary issue.