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The Way of Christian Spirituality
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What do we mean by spirituality? Christian spirituality? How does one lead a Christian life? This series of 25 lessons will explore these topics in depth, including spiritual disciplines that enable growth in Christ, obstacles to growth, and living fully in the Spirit. The process will include teaching, references to resources, discussion and sharing experiences.

Resources: full access to the following will be provided to registered participants
- Basics of Spirituality audio series
- Pathways to Serenity eBook
- The Way of Christian Spirituality PowerPoint presentation (online slide show)
- Numerous handouts and references to web pages.
- Premium group discussion forum.

Course Topics: these will be presented via e-mail and archived on the discussion forum.

A. Defining Terms

1. Four perspectives on reality
2. Human nature, human spirit.
3. Human spirit, Holy Spirit

B. Call and Response

4. The invitation - "Come to Me . . . "
5. The response - "Here I am, Lord . . . "
6. Lectio Divina - the dialogue.
7. A few basic practices - daily living.

C. Wounded Human Nature

8. Theme of the "two ways"
9. Origin of the false self system
10. Characteristics of the false self
11. Attachments and addictions as the "spirituality" of the false self
12. Other resistances: the "world" and the devil.

D. Basic Spiritual Disciplines

13. The activities of human consciousness
14. Loving God with one's whole heart, soul, mind and strength.
15. Awareness
16. Loving intentionality.
17. Feelings and Meaning
18. Beliefs and values
19. Discernment
20. Loving action - the fruit of the Spirit
21. A rhythm for daily living

E. Living Fully in Christ

22. Christian community
23. Discovering your spiritual gifts/charisms
24. Vocation and lifestyle
25. Stages of spiritual growth

Learning Process

Participants will receive these lessons via email every Monday and Thursday beginning May 2, 2005 and continuing until all 25 have been sent. The lessons will also be posted on the private discussion forum for registered participants, along with links to resources. We will use the forum to discuss the input sessions and share experiences. It's also possible that live chat times will be offered if there is sufficient interest.