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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for your help on one of my friend's behalf. Years ago he overdosed himself with psilocybin which resulted in a premature awakening. He has been battling with some 'demons' and very strong emotions ever since then. He can't really put it into words but it feels like as if they're coming through a crashed in gate and try to pull him under if he stops keeping himself busy, even for a half an hour. Meanwhile, the initial bliss that accompanied the awakening experience diminished, leaving behind nothing but their disturbing counterparts.

Now we are looking for resources that would ease the symptoms or help coping with them. I'm very aware of the fact that any given thing works differently for different people and you should use your own discretion and judgement when it comes to experimenting with anything. But I would really appreciate if anyone could help me find books, articles, websites or any piece of information that deal with the treatment of premature awakening, especially when it is caused by hallucinogens.

All the best,
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Hi Alex, and welcome to the discussion forum.

Sorry to hear of your friend's experience. You mentioned the overdose as having taken place years ago, which is a long time to have suffered from such an ordeal. Has he sought out some kind of help since -- medical, psychiatric, substance abuse? Some of what you describe almost sounds like schizophrnia symptoms, or perhaps some kind of bipolar disorder.

I don't know that those kinds of experiences qualify as kundalini, but it doesn't much matter to one who is suffering. I posted the following link years ago, which might be helpful:

Many of those suggestions are just basic health care and common sense practices, but notice that #2 does encourage consultation with a professional.

Peace, Phil
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Hey Phil,

thank you for your reply. I will recommend that link to him.
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